Our Most Important Marketingtool is: Customer Satisfaction

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Dear customers,

You know us as an experienced service provider for technology in the field of exhibitions and events. With our 35 year old experience we have documented our knowledge and expertise sufficiently. However, this is not enough for us.


We want you to be satisfied with our service all over at all times. This is not only with regard to our high-quality technology from the offer and the reliable assembly, but especially with regard to our surrounding service provided, as well as the people who provide the same. Because the excitement and passion of our employees is the driving engine for your all over satisfaction – with the special service of müllermusic.


For this reason we bother intensively with your feedback and evaluations of our work and look for an open dialogue. If you are satisfied with our service after a production, only then we have done good work. And only if we know what could have done better – we are able to improve ourselves.


In order to comply with your opinion we do not only have an open ear for each contractor and partner always, but send questionnaires to our customers after many productions with the request for feedback.


During the recent days we have compiled again an evaluation of the latest feedback of our customer survey: with an average evaluation of 1.2 on a scale of 1 to 5 we are naturally proud of the result. Especially satisfied we are with some customer comments regarding the question: "What made you excited about our service and what should we improve?"


"Very diligent and competent technicians who - without many words - did the absolute best with the facts provided."


"I would like to praise especially your employees. They are very polite and professional in their work."


"The flexibility of the company is outstanding."


And last but not least one client even answered:


"We love you."


Well, we are flattered, naturally! However, this is not a reason for us to lean back, but further think about how we can improve our potential. We are aware that each customer feels at ease giving a positive evaluation. For this reason we invite you to give us an open and frank evaluation after each production. Especially through the analysis of constructive criticism we are able to improve our quality sustainably.


Because as a satisfied customer you surely will get back to us! Hence you take your role in our quality management serious and provide us with your evaluation furthermore.


Thank you very much.