Besucher zählen? Masken erkennen? Geht!


Camera based people counting system

The people counting system enables you to conveniently observe, regulate or evaluate the flow of visitors to your shop, exhibition stand or event location at any time. By means of a camera as well as a specially developed AI (artificial intelligence) supported software, the system is able to register the persons entering and leaving the premises. When a predefined maximum number of persons is reached, the next visitor is automatically requested to wait until another visitor leaves the premises. In addition, the system can be enhanced to detect whether the visitor is wearing a mask or not. This information is displayed visually by means of a professional monitor that is specially adapted to the environment. Individual content such as advertising or product availability can be uploaded via a provided web interface or played via USB stick. The self-sufficiently running system is scalable in every respect and can therefore be adapted exactly to your needs.

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Photos: Richard Tussing