Colorful Courtyard Spectacle Deludes Dresden Castle

Within a relatively short setup-time we worked out to illuminate  the courtyard of Dresden Castle perfectly. In arranging the right positions of the differnt lights the great experience of our scaner-operators was very important, since we only had a very limited time slot of 2.5 hours during daylight to set up.


A perfect sound-atmosphere produced by four musicians located around the courtyard was transmittetd by a smooth setting of the soundsystem – to assure that everybody was able to enjoy the classic music as well as having nice conversations at the same time.


If you have any further questions about this production, please feel free to contact our responsible production-manager Horst Dziendziol.




contracting client:

FREIHEITBLAU – Agentur für Ereignisse, Mainz


final customer:                                   
a big german insurance company


Dresden Castle


specification of service:           
technical design and service execution of av-technics, lighting, sounds and rigging