Property Manager AWARD 2014.


Once a year at the Property Manager Awards, the best of the best meet to celebrate at the award ceremony of the “Property Oscars”. The award and gala ceremony as well as the after-show party took place, like last year, in an old industrial factory in the Cologne-Mülheim docklands.

The historical charm of the location, built in 1851, guarantees an authentic and impressive atmosphere. As the technical partner of the high-quality event, we complimented the festive atmosphere with a unique concept and a precise implementation – for all involved, an outstanding and memorable result.

The key element of the event technology was a “crystal clear” 20,000 Ansilumen large-scale projection of clips as well as live pictures for every visitor to see. The exceptional timing during the show was also an essential factor for the event’s success.

Further areas of our service cover the planning and design of the lighting as well as the sound and the set building. See for yourself: Here you can find a video link showing many features of the event. (© Immobilien Manager Verlag IMV, Köln)

Our client contact/company representative, Richard Tussing would be pleased to answer all enquiries regarding this production.

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Immobilien Manager Verlag IMV, Köln


• Rigging, set construction

• Video technology / large-scale projection 

• Video-data direction

• Camera equipment including 1 wireless camera

• Lighting technology including operation and design

• Sound technology including operation




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