Tanzbrunnen - Start of the Open-Air Season

>> Tanzbrunnen / Cologne <<

A wild time – that’s exactly what the audience experienced at the start of the open-air season 2014 in the Tanzbrunnen with the original Cologne party-rock band Brings. And if that wasn’t enough, an atmospheric lighting concept and an impressively lit Staatenhaus complimented the event. At the end of the party the firework display with synchronized music was not only reserved for the VIP guests, but was enjoyed by everyone present.

Our client contact/company representative, Volker Sandforth, would be pleased to answer all enquiries regarding this production.


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KölnKongress GmbH, Köln

Tanzbrunnen, Cologne

• Sound system for main stage

• Sound system for synchronized fireworks

• Video technology / large-scale projection on the Staatenhaus
• Lighting concept / outdoor lighting, atmospheric façade illumination of the Staatenhaus and VIP-area



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