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No question: Live events create emotions. And emotions create change. But in times like these, well thought-out and economical solutions are needed to effectively reach employees, customers and business partners. We offer you the tailor-made solution for your online event. From a variable, scalable studio concept to streaming on your channel, be it your social media channel or your intranet. Or may it be a little more? For the interactive participation of your viewers, we also offer individual login, chat and voting functions as well as document downloads on a separate portal as additional modules.
Our studio is located in a large hall in Cologne, where we have enough space and infrastructure to comply with hygiene and distance rules for the safety of you and our employees.

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Our services:

  • Studio, scalable according to your needs
  • Streaming to your social media channel or website
  • Streaming on your own website with interactive
  • Building blocks for your audience

Project Manager: Richard Tussing

Photos: Richard Tussing

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