"Musik in den Häusern der Stadt" - Music in the Houses of Cologne

Kunstsalon, an event organizer in Cologne, was a big hit as usual: MUSIK IN DEN HÄUSERN DER STADT – live music in private living rooms, lofts, warehouses, shops and other very unusual places.

For 16 years MUSIK IN DEN HÄUSERN DER STADT has guaranteed a first rate, exclusive musical experience in cities like Bonn and Hamburg, and also here in Cologne. Musicians don’t only want to play on big stages, but also in front of small, select audiences. New musicians are given a unique opportunity to gain LIVE experience – at this safe, intimate festival.

Incidentally, as a professional in live music and event technology it was an honor to assist several locations with advice, sound, lighting, stage and other technical enhancements.


From November 3 to 8, the festival ran at various locations in Cologne and on Thursday the 5th of November it stopped by müllermusic in 50679 Köln-Deutz with Hamburg R & B singer Sara Jane (www.sarajane.eu).

Live soulful sounds put the approximately 100 visitors in a perfect mood.

Worth mentioning: The entire event was a trainee project at müllermusic and under the guidance of our experienced project manager Hans-Peter Rehbach our trainees were left in charge. We were proud to once again help young people launch their professional careers as event technicians and give them an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with this project.



> Complete organization in cooperation with Kunstsalon e. V.

> Project management and implementation on the ground

> Planning and set up of lighting, sound systems and live operation



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