You benefit from the very beginning -  With experience and expertise!

Everyone knows – whoever wants the best; needs to plan well! The better the preparation, the better the results. The sooner we are involved in your idea and understand your philosophy and goals, the more concrete and solution-oriented we can work.

An important factor in design is a visit to the venue as early as possible. This enables us to include all factors in the design and plan accurately from the very beginning - accessibility, loading paths and storage space for equipment on stage and room dimensions, electrical connections or usable house technology to ground quality, escape routes and many other factors.

Here are some points in favor of our comprehensive advice:

> Economic efficiency /

Early integration of all event technology disciplines in the design assures all technical fields intertwine reliably. This enables us to optimally exploit synergies and plan solutions efficiently and comprehensively. The project is more streamlined and operating costs are lower. Tailored to fit any budget! That’s how you save money.

> Clever coordination /

The sooner all parties are integrated in the plan, the better technicians may choose each other and create synergies. This saves time and effort and improves the overall result. That’s how you save your sanity.

> Competent staff /

One contact person embodies the expertise, experience and enthusiasm of more than 150 event technology specialists. So you always feel safe.

> Diverse individuality /

Together with you, we design and tailor an inspiring technical concept. We pay attention and you get what you really need. If necessary, we develop individual solutions for each challenge. So you can be you!

> Ideal locations /

Our experienced consultants find the optimal location for your event. To delight your guests!

> Service oriented value /

Anyone can rent equipment and set it up. We can do more - just ask! Take advantage of us!

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