Trusses + Rigging

We bring everything up in the air - always keeping in mind
Safety first!

Apart from perhaps a television studio, hardly any location offers the conditions to be able to implement the technical requirements of the individual trades without truss and rigging constructions. Here comes our rigging department is game. According to the motto "Safety First!" it creates the necessary infrastructure to bring technical concepts and local conditions under one roof.

The list of production-related special requests is often long and sounds like this or something similar:

"The line array has to go exactly here and weighs 500 kg!"
"But the beamer needs a distance of exactly 12m to the screen!"
"The spotlight must not hang so steeply.

Our specialists are available for consultation right from the conception stage and offer solutions for technical implementation - from "standard rigs" to special, highly complex constructions. Regular inspections of our comprehensive stock of materials and intensive training of our technicians and rigging specialists ensure that our work is always safe and in compliance with regulations.

Our services & material:

  •     Planning and implementation of truss and rigging constructions
  •     Over 8000 meters of different truss systems for all requirements
  •     Planning, conception and implementation of special constructions
  •     Modern motor controllers
  •     Load monitoring with measuring cells or rope load measuring systems
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