Cross + Rigging

We get everything up in the air – but:


Safety first!

Apart from television studios perhaps, event locations rarely meet technical requirements without traverses and rigging. This is where the rigging department comes in. Under the motto: "Safety first!" they create the infrastructure to reconcile technical plans with local conditions.

A list of production-related special requests is often long and sounds something like this:

"The line array has to go right here, but it weighs 500 kg!"

"But the projector has to be exactly 12m from the screen!"

"The spotlight can’t hang down like that."

Our specialists start at the design stage and have solutions to technical challenges - from "standard rig" to special, highly complex structures. Regular inspections of our equipment and intensive training for our technicians and rigging specialists ensure compliancy and safety at all time.

Our services & materials:

- Planning and assembly of traverses and rigging

- Over 8000 meters of various truss systems for all requirements

- Planning, design and implementation of special constructions

- Modern motor controllers

- Monitoring with measuring cells and rope load measuring systems

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